Residential as well as Commercial roofs suffer many of the same issues, leaks, clogged gutters and damaged shingles. However, there are some problems that are unique to commercial roofs only. Here are a few examples:


Standing water


If drains become clogged with debris, standing water on the roof will follow. What will also follow is roof deterioration and eventually leaks if a pool of water is left sitting for long periods of time.


Displaced pitch pockets


Pitch pockets protect the pipes that run through roofs. If a pitch pan becomes dislodged, water will then leak down the pipelines and cause leaks.


Flawed flashing


Like pitch pockets, flashing keeps water away from pipes and other objects that protrude from the roof. As flashing expands and contracts from the weather, it can tear and make joints and seams vulnerable to water leaks.


Improper installation


Poor workmanship invites a host of roofing problems from the start. Not all roofing contractors perform repairs that extend to commercial roofs. It is necessary to hire a contractor that specializes in commercial roofing repairs.